Welcome to the Wiki!

Welcome to the wiki. This wiki is specifically about Moderators in Growtopia.

Rules: Don't say bad words, no vandalism allowed, don't spam, be nice, no writing about other, necessary topics and no sexual talk!

If You Broke The Rules, Then You Are Strictly Blocked for an Amount of Time. (Depending on how many rules you broke. If all, its forever! :O) If you repeat breaking the rules, then we'll strictly double the time when you're blocked.


Moderators are the caretakers of Growtopia. They enforce the /rules. They have a spam of /msgs from players. If you don't spam, they have a chance of coming. If you ask them for a punishment, you will get a worse one in return. Moderators create events in special worlds, like KYDERBY. Seth gives them rewards like Duct-tape and Fire Wand. Other ones are suspended for their wrong doing, inactivity, etc.
You can contact a Bureaucrat or an Administrator or a Content Moderator by leaving them a message in their Message Wall.

Rsz screen shot 2016-10-24 at 71438 pm Bureaucrats Message Wall:Tomas07Tom

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